I am a Photographer currently residing in the Seattle, Washington area with a unique set of skills offering a wide variety of services with personal and professional experiences with multiple varying genres of photography and editing styles.

In this day and age, the idea of photography is consumed with the idea that a “selfie-stick” is required. Digital photography can be a powerful tool to express who you are, show your professionalism, share the beauty of the world and to remember certain moments in life.

I am a college graduate with my bachelors in Fine Arts and an emphasis in Photography. Since I was little I was daydreaming of travelling the world and experiencing all it has to offer and be able to capture what and how I saw the world and share it through my lens. Throughout high school and college taking photography courses I got to experiment with other styles and genres of photography, study other photographers as well as my peers and see how far photography has come since the first camera obscura.

Travelling to Honduras in 2013, I found a passion to tell the story through portraits and everyday life with candid photography. I got to experiment with these styles and incorporate other forms to maintain structure and professionalism for clients but was able to express myself through what others saw or desired.

Essentially, professional photography allows you create any kind of scene or story to make a positive impression and create a name for yourself.

Why Choose ParkersPortraits?

If you are looking for professional photography services at prices you can afford, then let me help tell that story!

I have 7 years of schooling and studying techniques using photography to build my portfolio, I have 2 years of experience with professional clientele and businesses to take the photo they desired as the utmost priority.

I utilize the latest tools and software to create stunning portraits and edit the right one for you.

I’ll capture the raw photos for you, give you .pdf copies, and edit the ones you want!

I have a great eye for photography and know what makes a photo look fantastic. You’ll be amazed at what I can do!

To find out more about my style, take a look around the site. Or, if you’d like to contact me, send me an email at Parkercphoto@gmail.com.

Among the services I offer are:

  • Landscape

  • Outside Natural photography

  • Graduation photography

  • Studio Photography

  • Sport photography

  • Animal and wildlife photography

  • Wedding engagements/Save the date portraits

  • Travelling photography

  • Real Estate Photography

  • And much more!

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