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Hello I am Parker Christiansen. I am a Washington State University graduate with bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography. Photography is a passion that started with my love of  landscapes as a young traveler. Throughout my photography courses and hands-on experience in recent years I loved telling the story that is associated with photography and thus began to experiment in different styles of portraiture.

Using a keen eye to capture stories through a lens and a desire to travel, my photography challenges the specifications by not staying within one subject and experiment with multiple techniques. I like to try all sorts of mediums affiliated with photography and challenge myself to try to learn all of it. I have tested with film and there is nothing quite like it. Digitally, I want to expand my skills and learn all I possibly can in every style. With each photo, I hope to control the viewer’s eye; with attention to detail I want to guide them across the photo causing the viewer to ponder it and cause a reaction similar to my experience as I took the picture.  Photography has been a therapeutic escape from life, so when in the moment taking photos feelings are blurred except for complete euphoria.

With Parkersportraits, I can create the photo you need with excellent reliability and professionalism.


I am a photographer

I’ve worked for the school newspaper in high school and college, I’ve worked in the photography studio, in a dark room, and on my own as a freelance photographer to get the necessary experience in photography, that I see as a passion. I am determined to do greatness and get better each and every day!.

my passion is for making stunning photographs that have that glossy feel. Those are the ones that make a splash and that give you confidence to use them. I’ve become very good at knowing when to capture the right photo at the right angle through any style and medium.

I love photography, and a quote I like to live by, “If you’re doing something you love, you never have to work a day in your life” allows me to stretch my horizons to learn and experiment however and whenever I can. Which is why I always commit 100% to delivering incredible quality. With fast and efficient services I always make sure the clients feel firmly in the driving seat. You have a vision and I hope to make it into a reality!

Why Choose me as your photographer?

When you choose to work with Parkersportraits you are choosing a top quality service at the best prices.

That means:

  • Rapid TAT - Turn Around Time

  • Amazing attention to detail

  • Excellent photography production

  • Ability to make any situation work in my favor

  • Friendly and transparent communication

  • Unbeatable prices

I can provide excellent photos, quickly and affordably. It’s that simple. And the potential impact this can have is huge.

Why not let me share what I can capture through my lens and see for yourself?

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